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Analytics as a Service Process


You've hired a team of expert analytics professionals to provide you with insights on your data. Now what?

Once you have signed up for our service online, our team will reach out to set up an onboarding call with you. We will discuss about your current data situation, including the types of data you have, its structure and size, and determine what service package best suit your needs. Our team will also conduct preliminary work to provide recommendations for potential solutions, and suggest other analytical analysis to be done. We will calculate an estimated amount of time it will take to complete the tasks. The onboarding will take approximately one week to complete and will be part of the setup time and cost. The recurring monthly output could be a data report, a dashboard, a data/business analysis report or an analytical model, depending on what is discussed.


Once both parties agree on the monthly output, all you have to do is to give us access to the your data and any relevant notes, then we’ll perform the analysis and send it back to you within the requested timeline.


You will be invoiced for your monthly subscription amount at the beginning of every month, payable in 20 days. If you want more work to be done beyond your current package, it will be charged on an hourly basis, plus a premium. We will let you know before we begin any oversubscribed work and get your approval. The oversubscribed charge will be included in your invoice at the end of the month.


Month by month contract:
If your organization decided to go for the month by month subscription, you can cancel at anytime before starting the following month. For example, if you cancel May 5th, your subscription will stop starting June but will still receive service and be charged for May.


One year contract:

If your organization signed up for the one year contract, there is an associated monthly discount. If you decide to terminate the contrct before the 1 year is up, then you are responsible to pay back all the discounts plus a contract violation fee of $350.