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Are Firearm Crimes on the Rise in Toronto and Canada? A Brief Data Analysis.

Introduction The topic of violence, specifically involving firearms, peaked my attention lately as there seems to be an alarming amount of attacks in Toronto. In order to see whether my hunch was right, I looked through some publicly available data to performed some exploration. Primarily using data from Statistics Canada and the Toronto Police Service. My analysis is more focused on Toronto, since that's where I'm based in. The first question I want to answer is to see whether there is an increase in crime. While it sounds simple, there were three dimensions to consider. Types of crime (homicide by shooting, injuries by shooting, firearm discharge, firearm pointing, or use of firearm). Time

4 Components of Inventory Analytics

Managing inventory effectively is a critical aspect of successful retail, manufacturing, service and distribution companies. Stocking inventory can be viewed as straightforward and static, however understanding customer demand is more challenging and is constantly fluctuating. Inventory that has been sitting on the shelf for a while becomes costly and loses its value quickly. To keep inventory constantly moving, inventory stocking has to be directly in step with customer demand. Analytics can serve as a guide for how to keep a lean yet diverse inventory to minimize stock out and over stocking costs. As a mini-guide for where to focus attention on analytics in inventory, we’ve classified the

Why there is minimal adoption in Advanced Analytics in Canada

​“Analytics is the future”, “AI will be revolutionary”, “ Data is Wealth”. It seems like every day I open up my Linkedin or any business news site, there are five new articles that talks about why data, analytics and AI is going to be the future (not just because I subscribe to a lot of data news outlets). As an analytics services company, we have talked to hundreds if not thousands of organizations and most of them are at the beginning stages of analytics if at all in Canada. If they do have analytics or data science functions, they often comes down to 2 or 3 people for the entire company that takes requests for data analysis or report building. Where are we in terms of analytics in Canada.

3 Low Cost and High Impact Initiatives in Analytics for Every Organization

Value of Data One of my favorite saying in the analytics world by Intel is "Data is the new oil, what oil did for the 20th century, data will do for the 21st century". Before oil can be used for productivity (like for gas in vehicles), it needs to be extracted, mined, and refined through a long pipeline of value-add activities. Data is like oil, it needs to be extracted from databases, mined for information (data manipulation, cleaning, ETL), and it needs to be refined (ML prediction, statistical analysis). Unliked oil, you can create the data resources that will be of value to you, so long as you are willing to put in the investment to collect these data points. The Problem As an analytics