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Proven Ways to Generate New Revenue with Analytics

Analytics brings insights, but what precisely can it do for a company’s top line? Revenue maximization projects with analytics garner particularly high ROI’s for an organization because they can drastically change the way businesses (whether restaurants, manufacturer or retailers) manages its pricing. Outlined here are two proven ways to generate new revenue using analytics Pricing Analytics Pricing analytics are relatively simple to implement, and the measurement of ROI is straightforward. How do you know which products could benefit from rising prices and which products could benefit from a discount? This has to do with the elasticity of your product (the % change in quantity sold as a rat

3 Analytics Projects for the Social Sector

We work with a lot of non-profits, charities, and government organizations (I’ll call these the social sector for the rest of the post). The type of work we do with them is often quite different from private organizations. They operate leaner, structures are usually less formal and deal with more qualitative factors. So how does analytics, a very structured, very quantitative and often very complicated and pricey endeavour apply to the social sector? I outline some practical (low hanging fruit) ways to think about this in this post! We at the lab provide affordable services specially designed for the social sector. 1) Performance measurement of programs. The holy grail of non-profits has