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Eric Huang

Executive Director


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Past Projects

Provincial Ministry Committee

Metrics strategy and dashboard for 300+government-funded agencies

A Committee within a Provincial Ministry in the Government of Ontario came to AAARL with a problem: increasing the adoption of analytics and data metrics in their consortium of agencies, as it was critical to the success and growth of the sector. AAARL performed a literature review, conducted stakeholder interviews, and surveyed existing processes to build a set of tools to be distributed to more than 300 agencies in the sector. Subsequently, AAARL helped promote the tools through speaking engagements at relevant forums. As well, AAARL hosted four workshops to give users hands-on practice with the tools and a chance to ask questions. 

The set of tools include one excel template with metrics categories for users to input, as well as a dashboard template created in Qlik Sense that pulls the data and creates data visualizations. They were also given a complete manual, explaining how the tools can be best used. 

*Example of an interactive dashboard

*Example of an excel metrics template

Major Non-Profit Organization

Exploratory statistical analysis of the effectiveness of social service programs on homeless outcomes.

AAARL worked closely with a major non-profit organization that deals in homelessness to establish baseline for data analysis on their newly implemented database of metrics. The organization collects client facing metrics to help them track and determine whether the programs being offered are improving client outcomes.

AAARL performed exploratory analysis and provided the organization with key findings that aided in the operational effectiveness, efficiencies, and provided key metrics that can be used to garner more donations and funding. 

Key topics that were analyzed were: drivers of client improvements, what went wrong with unsuccessful client relationships, measurements of performance in programs, resource allocation and finally other improvements. A variety of methods were used, including logistic regressions, multivariate regressions and good ol’ slice and dice of data.

*Samples of a visualization on the social service program at improving client outcome.

* Analysis of the number of visits per client to the probability of success (as defined by overall improvements in outcome).

Non for Profit Orgniazation Grant

Geo Location Data Visualization

A major National Non-Profit Organization needed to clean and represent geo data under a tight deadline. AAARL organized (manipulated and cleaned) the data and presented the information in a usable format via geo data visualization. The result is an interactive and high-quality visualization that the non-profit was able to use to tell a compelling story to seek funding.

Ontario Ministry Funded Education Agency

Annual Report and Marketing Data Analytics Strategy

The agency hired AAARL to consolidate and analyze data for the use of their annual report. Beyond that, AAARL created a report of recommendations outlining strategies to improve customer retention and acquisition. As well, structures to improve data collection and reporting strategies for the CEO.