Past Projects

Global and Industry Leading E-Commerce Marketplace

Using customer and transactions data, two primary analyses were done to help increase marketing ROI

Customer Behaviour Analysis: This was done using a clustering algorithm to segment out purchasing behaviour based on recency, frequency and monetary value of each transaction. The segmentation allowed the client to identify unique strategies for each customer group. We also calculated customer life time value, retention rate, acquisition rate and churn rate per customer segment. 

Geographical and Industry Segmentation: This was done using a multivariate regression technique. The analysis result outlined top industry and geographical areas that seem to have the highest correlation with revenue. Conversations with the client helped understand the possible reasons behind these relationships which can be taken advantage of in optimizing marketing spending.

*Example of a cluster graph

*Example of two regression equations

Provincial Ministry Committee

Metrics strategy and dashboard for 300+government-funded agencies

A Committee within a Provincial Ministry in the Government of Ontario came to AAARL with a problem: increasing the adoption of analytics and data metrics in their consortium of agencies, as it was critical to the success and growth of the sector. AAARL performed a literature review, conducted stakeholder interviews, and surveyed existing processes to build a set of tools to be distributed to more than 300 agencies in the sector. Subsequently, AAARL helped promote the tools through speaking engagements at relevant forums. As well, AAARL hosted four workshops to give users hands-on practice with the tools and a chance to ask questions. 

The set of tools include one excel template with metrics categories for users to input, as well as a dashboard template created in Qlik Sense that pulls the data and creates data visualizations. They were also given a complete manual, explaining how the tools can be best used. 

*Example of an interactive dashboard

*Example of an excel metrics template

Real Estate Service Provider

Content and web analysis to maximize website traffic 

Web Search Traffic Analysis: This was done by integrating a text mining analysis with Google keywords analysis tool. The results were used to determine which search terms are most used in relation to topics relevant to the business. Demographic data was also extrapolated to understand the type of individuals behind the search terms. 

Content Analysis: By taking top competitors' web page content and running it through a text mining algorithm to determine the most frequently searched words. Additionally, an analysis of each competitor's website structure was done to see how to create the best in class website.

*Example of a demographic data

*Example of a word cloud 

Major Automotive Manufacturer

Model design and cross-validation for implementation of third-party natural language processing platform

AAARL was engaged to provide advisory services to a major automotive manufacturer looking to implement a third-party tool to analyze customer feedback, written in free-form text. While the third party vendor provided a scalable and integrated solution to the natural language processing problem, it provided few to no resources in designing models, performing validation, and testing procedures.

AAARL assisted through prototyping models via machine learning tools in order to frame the performance and viability of the client’s efforts to incorporate natural language processing. AAARL performed significant testing processes through the development phase, identifying major processes and model changes that needed to occur for the client in order to achieve specific KPI’s. Furthermore, AAARL conducted extensive cross-validation work to ensure the consistency of results for the client as they proceeded into the implementation phase.

*Samples of simulated results of how accurate the model was at predicting certain variables.

Major Asset Management Corporation

Pricing Optimization and Reporting

A major asset management identified an opportunity to create a dynamic pricing optimization system to price some 1000+ SKUs of inventory. AAARL built a three-stage optimization, prediction, and automation system to increase revenue by over 20% and gross profit by 45%. The project paved the way to various other analytics and business intelligence project within the organization.


AAARL fully revamped the reporting process in the organization, streamlining time for reporting writing as well as automating and consolidating reports for mid and upper management. Also performed various economic research and competitive analysis, including travelling to various cities/countries to understand best practices. 

Ontario Ministry Funded Education Agency

Annual Report and Marketing Data Analytics Strategy

The agency hired AAARL to consolidate and analyze data for the use of their annual report. Beyond that, AAARL created a report of recommendations outlining strategies to improve customer retention and acquisition. As well, structures to improve data collection and reporting strategies for the CEO.

Ivey Business School. Western University. 

Technical Workshops

Taught 18 hours worth of lectures to the Masters of Science in Analytics students on various technical topics in big data, database management, business intelligence tool and data visualization techniques. Graded Homeworks for each session.


Eric Huang

Executive Director

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