Our Process

Our client engagements generally follow a standard process beginning with 1) an initial meeting or a conversation with you, the client. After getting a better understanding of the company and your organization's needs, AAARL can provide 2) a free assessment of your organization to determine exactly what analytics can do for your organization and if our collaboration is the right fit.


Should you wish to proceed after reviewing this assessment, we will present you with 3) a formal proposal complete with the project scope, an estimated cost and timeline.

Once accepted, our team will perform 4) an in-depth analysis with various interim meetings to reiterate a need. We will conduct the analysis outlined in the proposal followed by 5) a formal presentation to the client which includes a detailed final report and actionable recommendation. 

Every project is unique in scope and is fully customized to your needs. Our promise is that every project is communicated transparently, detail-oriented and focused on learning collaboratively. 




Eric Huang

Executive Director

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