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who we are

Advanced Analytics and Research Lab (AAARL) helps the best teams measure, report, analyze, predict and optimize their most important activities with data analytics.

We a data-driven organization that provides affordable, user-friendly, and high impact analytical services, tools, and education for you and your organization.

We service small to large companies and organizations across various sectors, including many not-for-profit institutions.


we have worked with managers and executives

from the following organizations and more...

successful projects and engagements

on-demand advanced data analytics team

Get your own expert team of data analytics professionals with access to Advanced Analytics and Research Lab's proprietary data models, automated reporting and frameworks.

5x the ROI

as onboarding

an internal team

For the price of one typical data analyst, you will get a project manager, a senior analyst and a junior analyst. Highly trained so you won't waste time onboarding them and building out the foundations. AAARL has internal frameworks and algorithms for many business and organizational challenges so little time is wasted on re-training and research.

your analytics


We solve the easy problems, the hard problems and

the problems you didn't know were problems using a combination of math, science, data and business.

What does that mean?

  • Ongoing analytics reports on important metrics.

  • Predictive models to forecast what you need to know.

  • Optimization to find the perfect strategy.

  • Build dashboards so you can get your hands dirty with your own data.

  • And so much more that we can't even finish listing on this entire website.

fast turnaround

our team of experts are on-demand to analyze your data quickly, with turnaround time within a day for urgent problems.

fully trained

every team member has training in technology, business, and statistics.

Limited training required to get onboarded.


we are known to be trustworthy, friendly and fun to work with!

on budget and


we work with small businesses, non-profits all the way to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

For the cost of hiring one full-time analyst, you can have a whole team of fully trained experts, on your side, ready to go.



no hassle and no friction when managing our team.

Every project is staffed with a project manager who will manage all the details so you can focus on the big picture.

private and


we are data people,

and we know how important privacy and security is. Many of our projects are highly confidential as it's a source of competitive advantage for our clients.

testimonial from:

Director of HR,

Ministry Task

Force Member

"AAARL’s customer service was phenomenal as they were very efficient in problem-solving and answering any questions we had. AAARL was very helpful in developing a tool to collect HR data and dashboard reporting helping organizations to make better decisions using objective data. We would definitely collaborate with AAARL in the future and recommend their services to anyone."

testimonial from:

Board Member, 

Multi-Billion Asset

Management Firm

"Beyond the major [high ROI confidential projects that AAARL built and implemented from scratch], AAARL provides support and data analysis for a variety of initiatives, including, management, marketing, and operations. Overall, AAARL is very professional, reliable and valuable.

All of their deliverables have been adopted throughout our company and provide invaluable insight into decision making and operations. I am delighted to recommend AAARL for any project requiring analytics and data science."

client process

and pricing.

analytics as a service

a client process begins with a project to map out the data, along with preliminary data analysis and tool prototypes.

Next, the Lab works with your team on a monthly basis to provide data collection, reporting, and on-demand analysis.

Packages start from $500 to $2,000 per month. Enterprise packages also available.

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