Understand what your customers, employees, and competitors are saying.

Words Insights Lab is your one-stop shop for any word  and text related analytical services

What is

Words Insights Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any word-related data.

Analyze key insights in feedback, surveys, and all written content.


Pricing Optimization Lab

Pricing Optimization Lab is your one-stop-shop for pricing and inventory optimization related analytical services

What is

Pricing Optimization Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any pricing data.

Predict demand and supply and optimize pricing for the highest revenue

What is the Pricing Framework?

The scientific pricing discipline is extremely diverse. Our team took the best of the best academic research to create a pricing framework and system that takes into the best information possible to price our client's products and services.

It has components such as product attribute, seasonality, days on shelf, competitive pricing, supply and demand and much more.

The system is fully customizable and can be applied in a wide variety of product types through customization.


Use pricing optimization to:

Centralize Tracking and Reeporting

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Target Goal Tracking

Continuous Improvements

Data Quality Audits

Pricing Optimization

Increase price

Decrease days on market/shelf

Increase revenue

Streamline pricing process

Advanced Data Science

Understand customer segemntation

Understand pricing elasticity

Optimize inventory mix

Optimize purchasing decision

Our Services

Take advantage of our powerful data analysis frameworks to add insight in a variety of use cases. 


Retail & Commerce

Combine sales, customer and marketing channel data to fine tune revenue. Use supply chain and purchasing information to reduce cost.

Real Estate and Assets

Empower sales people with best pricing information on demand in their hand. Full management control on variables and pricing.


Optimize pricing for services. Particularly food services, optimize menu pricing on various days and wine by the glass.