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Corporate Social Responsibility

The people at AAARL are community-focused, environmentally conscious and are avid volunteers.
We work with social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and non-profits on an ongoing basis. If you have projects, don't hesitate to reach out!
AAARL is a proud business advisor and sponsor of Planting Seeds Co. , a social enterprise based in Hamilton servicing urban agriculture in Ontario through their product, services, and education.
Kyle, owner of Planting Seeds Co. at a pop up shop. Read this news article about him!
Advanced Analytics and Research Lab is a proud sponsor of the 2017 ArthritisHack event hosted in Toronto to find solution in the healthcare space. Interested participants should check out the event page here!
What is it?
ArthritisHack is a weekend-long hackathon that breaks down barriers to healthcare innovation. ArthritisHack will bring together healthcare professionals, IT professionals, designers, policy analysts, entrepreneurs, and most importantly - PEOPLE WITH ARTHRITIS to collaborate, dream up and produce solutions to empower people living with Arthritis in all aspects of care and life.
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