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Our Story

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a story of opportunities and risks
Advanced Analytics and Research Lab (AAARL) focuses on enhancing the analytical capabilities of organizations. There are huge opportunities and risks involved in the digital disruption space.
However, as much as business leaders hear about buzzwords like big data, advanced analytics and machine learning, very few actually leverage these tools to their advantage. 
Democratize analytics: making the power of advanced technology and analytics available to everyone.
AAARL was founded from the motivation to support firms to become more innovative in the digital disruption space by focusing on business-oriented, affordable, user-friendly and high-impact analytics.
The ultimate vision is to have as many organizations with data analytics capabilities as possible!

who we are

AAARL is an affordable analytics services, solutions, and education company based out of Canada. First and foremost, our people have professional training and extensive experience in data science and analytics. We focus primarily on helping companies leverage data and technology to supercharge their day-to-day operations and achieve their business goals.


The team at AAARL is highly motivated, very talented, and extremely dedicated to every client that we take on.


The goal for all engagements is to drive the bottom line for businesses by providing analytical solutions in areas such as revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and productivity.

what we do

Using data-based decision making will give companies relevant insights faster, provide them with information they want, and deliver information they didn’t even know they had.


The typical sequence of our services follows a general process flow:     


1. Assessment of strategy

2. Present potential project opportunities

3. Build analytical tools or analysis

4. Present recommendations, tools, receive feedback, and revisit analysis if necessary



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