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Understand what your customers, employees, and competitors are saying.

Words Insights Lab is your one-stop shop for any word  and text related analytical services

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What is

Words Insights Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any word-related data.

Analyze key insights in feedback, surveys, and all written content.

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Data Architecture and Warehousing

We are your one-stop-shop for any data aggregation and transformation-related analytical services. We've done projects with SSIS, SSMS, and in variety of technology stacks (AWS, GCP and MS Azure). Our team has decades of experience working with large corporation and technology companies. 

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What is

Data Aggregation Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any data.

Centralized KPI and key insights across your data siloes.

What is AAARL Data Transformation Framework?

AAARL’s proprietary transformation framework has been designed and developed for reporting, automations and optimization of data siloes from different technologies.

A powerful aggregator of various operational silo/departmental data providing a clean, standard set of KPI used to perform large-scale high-value data and analytics opportunities.

While the framework is built around standard industry metrics, it is quite efficient and flexible at inheriting new KPI explicit to your business.

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Use centralized data to:

Centralize Tracking and Reeporting

Cross Enterprise BI

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Target Goal Tracking

Continuous Improvements

Program Tracking

Data Quality Audits

Data Architecture

Design data ETL

Build and maintain Data Warehouses

Automate data pipelines

Audit of data pipelines

Advanced Data Science

Predictive Analytics

AI Use Cases

New Product Innovations

Digital Revolution

Our Industry Experience

Take advantage of our powerful data analysis frameworks to add insight in a variety of use cases. 


Retail & Commerce

Combine sales, customer and marketing channel data to fine tune revenue. Use supply chain and purchasing analytics to reduce cost.


Combine fleet management productivty, efficiency and safety data with customers and transactions information.


Combine customer requests, service operations, financial profitability and marketing to drive bottom line.

Media and Marketing

Gain essential insights on optimal messaging tactics, customer sentiment, and transaction data. Enhance understanding of customer needs to build a stronger marketing strategy.


Track and analyze defects, safety, productivity, HR, continuous improvement all in one place. Measure manager performance across metrics categories.



Non Profits

Combine program data with outcome data to determine program effectiveness. For fundraising, combine digital and traditional media and marketing channels with transactions infromation.

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