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don't start your data journey from scratch

Our team has seen and solved many different challenges across multiple industries. We found that many of these issues have the same underlying themes.


At AAARL, we have built technologies that solve these recurring, common challanges.


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solutions that fit your needs...

customized for your organization

We don't build web applications or software's. Rather, we compile a library of tools, frameworks and processes that we apply to each of our client's specific needs. 

When you select from one of the following your solution is essentially ready.  Why pay to start from scratch?

Data aggregation engine

one-stop-shop for any data aggregation and transformation related analytical services

pricing analytics lab

one-stop-shop for pricing and inventory optimization related analytical services

fundraising optimization

one-stop-shop for any fundraising and donor-related analytical services

words insights text services

one-stop shop for any word and text related analytical services

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