Understand what your customers, employees, and competitors are saying.

Words Insights Lab is your one-stop shop for any word  and text related analytical services

What is

Words Insights Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any word-related data.

Analyze key insights in feedback, surveys, and all written content.


Customer Behaviour Lab

Customer Behaviour Lab is your one-stop-shop for any customer behaviour and prediction analytical services

What is
Customer Behaviour Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any customer behaviour and conversion data.

Predicted probability and purchase amount for your customers

What is AAARL Customer Behaviour Framework?

Reduce your marketing campaign cost by up to 50% (and increasing ROI by up to 100%) by using our proprietary customer segmentation, prediction and price ealsticity modelling.

The prebuilt algorithm will take as much information as possible from your existing data framework to build a profile at any given time for every customer in your database.

It will then use that information to predict the probability and amount of each customer. 

Typical marketing campaigns will receive about 2-4% purchase rate. So by not putting resources into contacting the 96-98% percent of people, large cost savings can be achieved.

Use our customer behaviour analytics service to:

Centralize Tracking and Reporting

Cross Enterprise BI

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Target Goal Tracking

Continuous Improvements

Program Tracking

Data Quality Audits

Customer Optimization

Working directly with your marketing and sales team to increase the customer behaviour understand for your team to dramatically increase your ROI.

Advanced Data Science

Combine your digital and traditional marketing channels to understand the full customer picture.

Tracking engagement in creative ways.