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Retail, Wholesale,

and E-Commerce

business is changing faster than ever.

data driven analytics keeps you ahead.

Unleash Your Business

with New Found Insights

AAARL has helped numerous companies unleash their potential in traditional storefront retail, wholesale, E-Commerce and those with a mix of channels.



Consolidate data from disparate systems into a single dashboard and one ‘version of the truth’.  Measure what matters most to your business, such as avg. days on shelf, revenue and margin by store, staff productivity and other KPI specific to your business.

Consolidated Business Intelligence and Dashboard
Customer Segmentation
and Analysis

Segment your consumers through behavioral, profitability, geographical, and other methods. Identify those with the greatest lifetime value based on purchasing habits and loyalty. Utilize this information to  maximize your marketing results and properly meet each segments unique needs.

marketing analytics.png
Marketing and Communications Evaluation

Uncover what truly drives sales through advanced analysis of buyer interaction with your products, services and messages that resonate most.  Dig much deeper than counting “likes’,  webpage views , or  ‘click throughs’ to assess the marketing impact.

Utilize leading edge predictive analytics from AAARL to accurately forecast demand and determine required stocking points and minimum order quantities.  Optimize inventory levels, to minimizing carrying costs and ‘stock outs’.

demand forecasting.png
Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

Efficiently price your products through AAARL's scientific based pricing model. This data-based approach computes the relative sensitivity to price changes by individual product and segment, allowing you to  properly refine your prices in a way that maximizes profitability.

scientific pricing.png
saes analytics.png

Track your sales and salespeople results, conduct A/B testing, and optimize your sales process through sales analytics. Set clear and measurable goals and actively track results against these time-bound target to increase transparency and accountability. 

Sales and Product

Past Projects

Optimized profitability by dynamically pricing over 10,000 SKUs using an elasticity modelling and a thorough customer segmentation. Increased the organizations profitability by 5+%.

Leveraged our proprietary optimization model for inventory and pricing, along with a machine learning forecasting tool. This helped greatly decrease stock out and holding costs.

Built a large scale customer segmentation and cluster model to help understand ROI on various market channels. Pinpointed opportunities for revenue and geographical expansion.


The Scientific Pricing Lab is your one-stop-shop for pricing and inventory optimization related analytical services

Inventory + DEMAND

Optimize your inventory management systems to reduce stock-outs, lower your costs, and maximize your efficiency.

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers to increase marketing efficiency and ROI, pricing, and to help inform your busines strategy.

SErvices, Consulting and Developement

Lean more about our unique Analytics as a Service model where we become part of your internal analytics team.

We'd love to hear from you!


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