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Understand what your customers, employees, and competitors are saying.

Words Insights Lab is your one-stop shop for any word  and text related analytical services

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What is

Words Insights Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any word-related data.

Analyze key insights in feedback, surveys, and all written content.

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Inventory Optimization Lab

Inventory Optimization Lab is your one-stop-shop for any inventory management analytics and optimization needs.

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What is the Inventory Optimization Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any sales, supply chain and inventory data.

Optimize your inventory to have highest availability and lowest costs. 

What is AAARL Inventory Optimization Framework?

Our proprietary built inventory optimization works with retailers, e-commerce sellers, and wholesalers. 

It leverages an optimization model that recommends when and how much of each SKU or product our client should purchase and maintain.

A dashboard will also provide the best analytics and data you will need for your inventory optimization needs. 


Use our inventory analytics service and solutions to:

Centralize Tracking and Reporting

Cross Enterprise BI

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

Target Goal Tracking

Continuous Improvements

Program Tracking

Data Quality Audits

Inventory Optimization

Working directly with your operations and procurement team to increase the ROI of your inventory and purchasing processes by leveraging top of the line analytics and AI models. .

Advanced Data Science

Combine other data within the firm to achieve a larger scale ROI. Clients often combine sales, fleet, manufacturing, supply chain data to gain a holistic understanding of the firm's operations. 

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