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Social Sector

change the way the social sector operates with advanced analytics

Deliver More Through Analytics

Data driven technology shouldn't be out of reach for the social sector.

AAARL was created on the premise of helping social and public sector organizations leverage their impact through the power of data and analytics.


With Advanced Analytics and Research Lab, you can employ cutting edge technologies and approaches that have historically only been available to the most well funded companies.


Consolidate data from disparate systems into a single and intuitive dashboard.  Save time and gain essential insight by measuring what matters most to your organization.  We can help you systematically record and trend information such as people helped, avg. wait times, and other KPI specific to your business.

Consolidated Business Intelligence and Dashboard
Client and Stakeholder Segmentation and Analysis

Use AAARL expertise to segment your client base and truly understand where constituents come from in terms of geography, age, and other demographics. Understanding the base users and stakeholders is ‘step one’ in tailoring both your outreach and services.

AAARL has unique expertise in fundraising optimization that has dramatically improved organizations fundraising ROI by 10-50%.


Maximize and tailor your outreach efforts by understanding the nuances of your communities, where they turn for information, and sources they trust. While outreach efforts are based in marketing, we recognize that the outreach of non-profits, charities and institutions have unique needs that need to be met.


Understand what works, under what circumstance, and for who. Analytic tools document and predict the outcome of support initiatives factoring multiple variables. Many organizations have used AAARL in the past to refine their approaches and to  maximize the effectiveness of their initiatives

Service and Impact
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