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Business Past Projects

take a look through a few of our past business projects...

Pricing Optimization and Rental Analytics for a Canadian Public R.E.I.T

Pricing optimization, automation and overall analytics for a large Canadian R.E.I.T in order to decrease vacancy costs, increase pricing, increase efficiency and their bottom line.

AI Health Care Startup

Leveraging data architecture and NLP methods to combine, map, and match text and identifier hospital data to public medical and surgical data in order to deliver analytics and applications features for a venture backed AI startups product.

Inventory Management and Analytics for a Large E-Commerce Seller of Medical and Dental Supplies.

AAARL revamped the inventory management system and strategy for a large Medical and Dental E-Commerce Seller through Demand forecasting and optimization in order to improve inventory restocking, reduce lost revenue opportunities from stock-outs, and minimize the cost of inventory in general.

Major Real Estate Provider - Rental Price Optimization

AAARL created a three-layer computational model that optimized rental prices based on a variety of different dynamic factors. The client saw a rental price increase of 4% and a vacancy cost decrease of 30%.

Major Auto Manufacturer Natural Language Automation

Model design and cross-validation for implementation of third-party natural language processing platform to track customer experience KPIs and automatically relay this information to the right department.

Global and Industry Leading E-Commerce Marketplace

Given a vast amount of unused data, a customer segmentation and behavior analysis was performed in order to inform marketing strategy and to help increase marketing ROI.

Luxury Restaurant

Analyzing meals data, analysis was done to recommend efficiency gains in staffing through meal demand prediction, along with menu changes and operational efficiency gains.

Digitizing and Modernizing a Medium Sized Distribution Business

Assisted a Distributor of Medical and Dental Supplies in successfully launching a Shopify eCommerce store.

Truck fleet IoT geolocation and maintenance

Using real time truck fleet information to automate and report on route efficiency, truck maintenance and saftey data.

Global Manufacturer of Pressure Safety Products - Quality Testing and Forecasting

Analysis was done on product quality to ensure it met industry standards. Recommendations we're made based on the analysis of how to improve product quality.

Global Auto Manufacturer Single View Company Wide Dashboard

A single view company wide dashboard was created to give real-time clarity for executives and save the company a tremendous amount of time.

Commercial Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution Business.

Using purchase transactions data, a pricing optimization analysis was performed in order to determine pricing elasticity and improve overall profits for their 10,000+ SKUs. Further, a customer and product segmentation was performed to identify which segments were adding the most value to the organization.

Machine Learning Automated Backtest

Working with a Financial Machine Learning Company, Helped with Backtesting and Creating Automated Scripts for Reporting

Food Retailer

Data Aggregation and Pipeline Building for Dashboards

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