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Analytics As A Service


Our flagship offering gives you the analytics team you have always wanted.

For the price of one data analyst, you get a team of

seasoned data and business experts.

Do You Have The Data...

but lack the resources to run the analytics required for your company? 

Let the experts at Advanced Analytics and Research Lab manage your daily, weekly, and monthly reporting and analysis so that you can focus on making meaningful and creative decisions with all the right information readily in your hands.

What Can This Do For

Your Organization?

save time

AAARL can deliver daily, weekly or monthly professional reports on your data or KPIs so you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

flexible, value-based payment

Forget the hassle of dealing with data manipulation, analysis, and report making. Select from various packages to fit your needs so that you can focus on doing the work that really matters.

fully customizable

No matter what data you have or what analysis you want to perform, we can deliver the information you want and need right into your hands.

Monthly Packages

analytics as a service

We provide you with the analytical tools you need to succeed. All packages are flexible and customizable to suit your needs.

Please contact us for a consultation. 

In-depth weekly or monthly analytical reports.

Forecasting included

Analysis project from the following Pillars of Analytics:

•Trend & performance analysis

•Forecasting & optimization

•Benchmark and metrics analysis


•And more

Hours of analytics consultation**

Dedicated project manager

24h turnaround for quick analysis***

Dedicated analytics specialist


$500  l  month

1 Report

1 Project


1 Project

(includes option for a customized project)

8 Hours

1 Project Manager

1 Specialist


2 Reports

1 Project

3 Hours

$1000  l  month

$2000  l  month

4 Reports

Starting at

4+ Reports

1+ Projects 

(includes option for a customized project)

15 Hours

1 Project Manager

2 Specialists

24h Turnaround


$3000  l  month

* All packages includes upfront analytics assessment to determine best analytical strategies  

**Additional hours available on an hour fee basis   

*** Timing depends on project/analysis complexity

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