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Analytics Strategy and Assessment

Supercharging your bottom line with Analytics

“Leveraging big data analytics is no longer considered a novel approach to decision-making, but an important strategy for organizations looking to raise their competitiveness.”
-Information and Communications Technology Council

In today's fast-paced world, analytics present exciting opportunities by using data you already have to give you information about your markets, customers, and operations you didn't already know.
Let the academic and business-minded team at AAARL help you pick the most relevant questions for your organization and answer them using analytics. The sky is the limit!

Know you need analytics but don't know where to start? 

Our process
Our team will assess the existing data and analytics process, combined with the management consulting approach of stakeholder interviews and operational analysis. At the end, we will provide a set of analytics projects to your team to invest in. The focus is to find the "low hanging fruit" of high impact and low cost projects to start.

Below are our general categories of analytics projects

Below are our general categories of analytics projects

Data, KPI, Reporting Strategy and Automation

Having the right information in your hand is more important than ever. Having a good dat collection and reporting strategy is extremely important.

Imagine a beautiful screen full of useful, up-to-date and interactive data visualization and information - all of the insights you want on a specific topic (such as revenue, cost, customers, product lines) in one comprehensive, yet clean, dashboard. This visualization provides insights that are impactful, interactive, and easy to understand so you can get up to speed while sipping on your morning coffee


** these images are from Qlik Sense Dashboards.

Revenue Enhancement

We offer revenue enhancement services using analytical tools such as Machine Learning to predict sales, consumer types, churn rates and much more. It may sound complicated, but machine learning is a simple prediction tool that can be applied to almost any data and information set. Even data from your social media could be a treasure chest full of valuable information! We can use social media analytics to tell you details about your customers you never knew before.

See some of our past projects that helped companies enhance their revenue here.

Cost Reduction

Our team can help you find areas where you can reduce costs using advanced analytical techniques. Using prediction tools like clustering analysis, regression analysis, and optimization models, we can show you the most optimal way to use your budget. 

Customized Projects and Modelling

Let's get together and uncover the opportunities that are present in your digital space and how you can take advantage of them! We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of every client, giving personalized recommendations and custom-built tools that address your business' challenges.

Corporate Workshops

Want to learn more about analytics or train your employees to use analytical techniques? We can help! We are experts in subjects like prediction, statistical modelling, and data visualization. Contact us to learn about our  corporate workshops. See our Corporate Workshops Page.

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