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Analytics as a Service

monthly subscription


do you have the data, but need the resources to run advanced analysis and gain essential insights?


Let the experts at Advanced Analytics and Research Lab manage your daily, weekly, and monthly reporting and analysis requirements so that you can focus on making meaningful and creative decisions with all the right information readily in your hands.


Imagine a monthly report with all the information you need to assess the health, performance, and threats within your line of business. You can sit back, sip on your coffee (or tea) and let your mind run wild!


Advanced analytics and AI techniques are expected to offer between $9.5 trillion and $15.4 trillion in annual economic value and will play an even bigger role in the decades to come. Stay ahead of the pack with more information, fewer blind spots, and more automation.

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Your analytics journey can start with any of our Pillars of Analytics

Metrics Analysis

Trend and Performance Analysis


Forecasting and Optimization


Customized Solutions

Your analytics journey can start with any of our Pillars of Analytics


Whether it’s employee retention, sales performance, or customer churn analysis, get reports regularly delivered to you, so you can start making more insightful decisions.

Forecasting & Optimization

Take data to the next level by applying machine learning and statistical forecasting models. Gain insights for the future, so you can be prepared.

Metrics Analysis

Metrics aggregation, benchmarking, and assessments

Trend & Performance Analysis

Advanced analyses that lead to a more holistic understanding of your business as well as actionable insights and recommendations that increase your bottom line.


Automated maintenance prediction, scheduling, and routing intelligence tools can help you can drive further efficiencies and ROIs to your daily operations

Customized Solutions

We'll help you create a solution that works best for you.

Eligible Services

Turning data into usable information for decision making involves a multitude of tasks. Whether it be designing metrics and data strategies, leveraging various technologies to build reports, or developing statistical analysis and predictive models, your organization can trust us with bringing you the information you need.

Monthly Packages

analytics as a service

We provide you with the analytical tools you need to succeed. All packages are flexible and customizable to suit your needs.

Please contact us for a consultation. 

In-depth weekly or monthly analytical reports.

Forecasting included

Analysis project from the following Pillars of Analytics:

•Trend & performance analysis

•Forecasting & optimization

•Benchmark and metrics analysis


•And more

Hours of analytics consultation**

Dedicated project manager

24h turnaround for quick analysis***

Dedicated analytics specialist


$500  l  month

1 Report

1 Project


1 Project

(includes option for a customized project)

8 Hours

1 Project Manager

1 Specialist


2 Reports

1 Project

3 Hours

$1000  l  month

$2000  l  month

4 Reports

Starting at

4+ Reports

1+ Projects 

(includes option for a customized project)

15 Hours

1 Project Manager

2 Specialists

24h Turnaround


$3000  l  month

* All packages includes upfront analytics assessment to determine best analytical strategies  

**Additional hours available on an hour fee basis   

*** Timing depends on project/analysis complexity

Not sure? Just complete our assessment below to find out if this is the right option and a consultant will contact you within 48 hours to give you an initial assessment and consultation, also free of charge!

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