Analytics as a Service

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do you have data but lack the economic scale to hire a data analyst or data scientist to run basic and advanced analysis?


Let the experts at Advanced Analytics and Research Lab manage your daily, weekly and monthly reporting and analysis requirements so that you can focus on making meaningful and creative decisions with all the right information readily in your hands.


Imagine a monthly report with all the information you need to assess the health, performance and threats of your line of business. You can sit back, sip on your coffee (or tea) and let your mind run wild!

Advanced Analytics and AI techniques are expected to offer between $9.5 trillion and $15.4 trillion in annual economic value and will play an even bigger role in the decades to come. Stay ahead of the pack with more information, fewer blind spots and more automation.

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Eligible Services

Turning data into information for decision making involves a multitude of tasks. From designing metrics and data strategies to building reports using various technologies to developing statistical analysis and predictive models, your organization can trust us with bringing you the information you need and want in a timely manner.


Example services:

  • Customer churn alerts

  • Sales segmentation by customer reports

  • Transaction recency, frequency, and value analysis

  • Employee retention, performance and 

  • Advertising performance and ROI monthly report

  • Social media performance and engagement 

  • Equipment efficiency report

  • Text sentiment analysis of reviews or social media

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Monthly Packages

analytics as a service

Ideal for companies with simple datasets that want to perform more in-depth weekly or monthly customer, HR, operations or transaction reports.


Experts at AAARL can very quickly improve your insights and give you frequent updates about your organization’s key success factors. No more blind spots, more opportunities, fewer risks.


Advanced Analytics 

$1,000 monthly

Ideal for organizations that have processes for reporting and complex datasets (complex in frequency, variety and specialty).


AAARL can introduce new insights by combining advanced analytics like machine learning and prediction into your monthly reporting. This will give you more in-depth, actionable insights to form creative hypotheses and ideas, as well as make concrete business cases backed by data.

Support all of your team's reporting, business intelligence, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, optimization, and machine learning needs. 


AAARL offers the most flexible, cost efficient way to drive your organization's analytics to the next level. 

Enterprise Analytics

starting at $1,500/month

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For a limited time ONLY, sign up now and waive the setup fee ($1000)!


Plus: Just complete our assessment below to find out if this is the right option and a consultant will contact you within 48 hours to give you an initial assessment and consultation, also free of charge!




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