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Digitizing and Modernizing a Medium Sized Distribution Business

Assisted a Distributor of Medical and Dental Supplies in successfully launching a Shopify eCommerce store.

For a medium sized distributor of medical and dental supplies, the usual market place and listing sites such as Amazon and Ebay are difficult to gain market share as there are constant need to manage the competition and pricing. The client decided to launch a brand new eCommerce site through Shopify. Our team helped ideate, plan and launch the site over a 6 month period.


  1. Finding the best information possible in an unknown environment.

  2. Setting up required technology (data collection, data analytics, etc.) for the website launch.

  3. Work through multiple iterations with business users as well as the technical development team.


Work includes everything from target market analysis, to launch execution, to setting up website and online advertising analytics. Our team of business analysts and data scientists were able to act quickly and deliver both analysis, planning and execution support end to end.


  • Aid in management and launching of the initial website, email marketing and online advertising.

  • Managed Shopify analytics and inventory.

  • Gaining paying customers within the first month.

  • Helping the CEO of the company learn about various blind spots of the market through data and intelligence gathering.

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