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Customer Segmentation Demo

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This demo will demonstrate the power of analytics… and how we can take your basic sales data and provide you with a breadth of crucial information to help segment your customers and boost your marketing and sales ROI.

Why Customer Segmentation?

save money and improve profits based on targeting groups with unique marketing campaigns 

Cost Savings: Rather than using resources to send out marketing tactics to every customer, can decide based on segments which customers will be most likely to respond with a purchase.
Profit Improvements: By using the segments to determine who is more likely to make a purchase, you can target those customers and will have a higher return on your marketing investment.
For Example, if you have customers with high frequency and monetary value but low recency, you may want to remind them of your existence and perhaps give them a discount code to encourage their business. Customers with high frequency, recency and monetary value, you may want to show them your appreciation to keep them as a good customer.

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