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Public Workshops

Introduction to Data Science Series

Advanced Analytics and Research Lab

2019 Data Science and Analytics Foundations

Advanced Analytics and Research Lab is relaunching the popular introduction to data science workshops in a new format. With two workshops per weeks, learning the foundations of data sciences has never been so accessible. An immersive combination of readings, in person practical sessions, homework, group discussions, and group projects will help you upgrade your skills in a digital and data-driven world. The attendee will receive a certificate upon completion.


Check out our Eventbrite Page for a list of courses and to purchase tickets!

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Part I: Data Science and Business Intelligence

This 4-hour "all practical for real life" workshop on data science will acquaint you with essential concepts in types of data science, art and science of data visualization, and dashboarding. Workshop will end on a high note with a mini lecture on Artificial Intelligence. This is ideal for people who have a basic understanding of math with a strong willingness to learn! A laptop is required to attend the session. Real data will be used with lots of group and individual exercises. 


Timing: 1 to 5pm. Sunday, October 15 or Nov 12th, 2017. 

Location: Devhub (4th floor, 46 Spadina Ave., Toronto) 

Cost: starting at $60 per person


Toronto Sessions:

Oct. 15th (sold out)

Nov. 12th (sold out)

Jan. 14th (early bird sold out)

May 12th (sold out)

July 8th (sold out)



London ON. Session: Feb. 24th (early bird sold out)

Montreal Session: Mar. 3rd (early bird sold out)

Mar. 11th (sold out)


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Part II: Fundamentals of Statistical and Predictive Modelling

This 4-hour workshop is ideal for people who have some fundamentals in statistics and would like to learn how statistical programming will dramatically boost your data analysis productivity. The workshop will go through the basic types of data, how to implement basic statistical calculations in R, data manipulation in Rlinear regression prediction and time series forecasting.


Timing: 1 to 5pm. Sunday, October 22 or Nov 19th, 2017.

Location: Devhub (4th floor, 46 Spadina Ave., Toronto) 

Cost: starting at $85 per person 


Toronto Sessions:

Oct 22nd (early bird sold out)

Nov. 19th (early bird sold out)

Jan. 21st

May 20th 

July 15th


Other Sessions:

London On. Session: Feb. 25th

Montreal Session: Mar. 4th

Mar. 18th

May  20th


Advanced Analytics and Research Lab Intr

Part III: Tools in Machine Learning

This 4-hour workshop on machine learning prediction begins with more in depth regression analysis and progresses to different machine learning techniques including clustering analysis, text miningnatural language processing and quick overview of neural networks. A basic understanding of R and statistics is recommended (see Part I and Part II above). Each topic will cover an overview followed by hands-on practice. 


Timing: 1 to 5pm. Sunday, October 29, or Nov. 26, 2017.

Location: Devhub (4th floor, 46 Spadina Ave., Toronto) 

Cost: starting at $85 per person 


Toronto Sessions:

Oct. 29th

Nov.  26th (early bird sold out)

Jan. 28th

Mar. 25th

May 27th

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