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Change The Way The Social Sector Operates

Data and technology driven technology shouldn't be out of reach for the social sector. Now with Advanced Analytics and Research Lab, you can start using cutting edge tools and methods as well.


How does analytics help the social sector?

How do you trace an individual across system and see how your programs are helping them?


How do we increase our fundrasing ROI dramatically with dynamic pricing methods?

How do we build compelling, data driven stories so our donors and funders understand our impact better?

IMG_20180303_161738 (2).jpg

Advanced Analytics and Research Lab

We can help you answer these tough questions.

AAARL was created on the premise to help social sector organizations leverage their impact through the power of data and analytics for NGOs, Non-Profits, Charities and Social Enterprises.

  • We have helped organizations drastically increase their fundraising ROI by 10~50%. 

  • We have helped create audits and reports on program performance data. 

  • We have analysed performances of various programs to recommend operational effeciency measures. 

  • And much more using automation and analytics.
  • Check out some of our past projects.
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