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Gain control & predictability on pricing and revenue for
property managers.

get more from your properties
through data driven insights 

2-5% increase in rent 

gain revenue through increased rent which has beat the market by a minimum of 2%

25% decrease in vacancy costs

anticipate and react to changing demands to maximize your buildings vacancy

save time & gain clarity

standardize processes, automate reporting, and get a better view into your daily operations

Accurately Pricing Rental Units is Crucial to Success

a 1% increase in price can lead to a 10% increase in profits

Yet, pricing rental units is challenging and outdated. Why?
Their are too many factors that must be considered &
the Real-Estate market moves fast

WE Solve This Problem

Through AI and advanced analytics, we help you strategically price units in an optimal way in order to maximize revenue and minimize vacancy costs

What Clients Say

“Since 2020, ASC and [our team] have developed a strong working relationship. The teams have been in contact with each other on a weekly basis to review and discuss pricing recommendations from ASC for [Buildings]. The [team] has been extremely impressed in working with ASC and their ability to listen and respond to the client’s needs immediately. [Team] also appreciates the level of communication both sides are committed to maintaining as we further develop this process”

How it Works

ASC's proprietary algorithm works to achieve the highest highest net operating profit per building by finding the optimal balance between unit price and vacancy rate/cost.

This "brain" takes into account a number of factors at once that all affect a units price.

Then, using AI, the algorithm works to optimize these factors and spits out the best possible price for a unit.


ASC for Lease-Ups

Price your New Build

with Confidence.

For new builds, this product helps you determine how to price each of your units to get the first tenants in. We balance your preference for when you want the building filled and price to maximize revenue within your timeline.

Read up on
Real Estate Analytics

Residential Buildings

ASC helps Boardwalk REIT price over 33,000 apartment units

ASC implemented our innovative turnover and renewal models to transform the way that Boardwalk REIT priced their units, resulting in increased rent, decreased vacancy costs, a number of unexpected benefits.

Analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) for real estate and commercial real estate

How AI & Advanced Analytics can be used to achieve higher revenue

AI, advanced analytics, and pricing optimization can all sound like magic "buzz" words. If you want to learn more about the true engine that powers our three revolutionary real-estate products, check out the white-paper below!

Real Estate

ASC helps stabilize a new-build in Toronto and provides other analytics services

For a new-build in Toronto, ASC was able to help organization x (removed for privacy) lease-up and stabilize the building prior to the proposed timeline and for above the projected rent revenue. 

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